Flight 462 has landed…in the ocean. Charlie…(or Alex? I guess we’ll call her Alex) finds a burned-up Jake and they both make it onto a life raft. Later, one of the men in the raft tries to kill Jake in his sleep but Alex stabs and kills him in defense. Back at The Abigail Strand makes another call to a stranger. The Abigail comes to a halt and Travis dives in to investigate. He discovers a walker stuck in the engine and later works on the gut-consumed filters.

Alicia spots wreckage from Flight 462 and the group decides to raid it for supplies. Daniel reveals to Madison Strand’s plan to head to Mexico and implores her to confront him about it. Nick and Alicia sort through the wreckage while Chris explores the inside of Flight 462 alone. The seats are lined with the dead until an alive one wakes up and beckons him, “Help me.”


Madison confronts Strand about Mexico and he explains he’s planning on taking them to a house in Baja that has food sources and running water. Nick helps Daniel choose the right medication for Ofelia while Chris puts the dying man on the plane out of his misery by beating him to death with a metal gear and then again when he turns. Daniel searches for Chris while Nick discovers a medicine bag. Travis continues to work on the boat while Madison fills him in on Strand’s plan.


Daniel runs into a panicked Alex who tells him to run from the horde of walkers descending on the hill. Nick stumbles down the hill and immediately gets attacked by a walker. He stabs it in the head while another walker falls off. Alicia finds Chris while Daniel uses the walkers as target practice. Madison spots the horde of walkers and commands Strand to move the boat to shore.


Alex, Alicia, and the rest take out the walkers as Travis finally fixes the boat. Nick arrives, covered in blood, and saves Alicia. (Nick also realizes his blood acts as a disguise, allowing him to walk among the infected). The group makes it back to The Abigail (with Alex and Jake) and Madison fills everyone in on the Mexico plan. Travis and the group give Alex and Jake water and let their raft tow along. In an act of defiance Strand cuts the tow that tethered Alex and Jake to The Abigail.