Nick swims ashore naked as helicopters fly by overhead. The seas are full of ships with searchlights. He gets dressed and makes his way to an abandoned tent camp nearby. He kills a walker through a tent, cuts him open, and covers himself in its blood to go incognito.

Travis and Madison bicker over what to do about Strand. Ofelia and Chris trade stories about their past when suddenly three people in a raft paddle towards the boat and ask for help. Chris wakes everyone up and Madison helps the pregnant woman.

Alicia wakes up, notices Nick is missing, heads upstairs and recognizes the man’s voice as Jack, who then punches Travis. The pregnant woman bangs Madison’s head against the mirror and ties her up. Jack ties the rest of the group up and Reid remarks Chris should have shot them when he had the chance. Someone on a raft shows up and Reid shoots at him, puncturing a hole in the raft.


A flashback from 2005 shows Strand seducing a man at a bar to steal his credit cards later. Back to the present, it’s Strand that was in the raft who’s looking for the machine gun clip Daniel hid. Ofelia tells Jack he shot the man who has the key to the boat, leading Reid to hold Chris at gunpoint until he tells him where the key is really located. Travis reassures him he can start the boat without the keys and he releases Chris. Alicia berates Jack for deceiving her and he tells her he had no choice. He also mentions Connor will sort things out when he gets there. Meanwhile, Nick peruses a nearby town in disguise as a walker.


Returning to the flashback, Strand is confronted by Thomas Abigail, the man whose credit cards (and boat?) he stole. Strand explains he used $30k on debt and real estate but will pay him back with interest. Back to the present, Strand loses his phone in the ocean while Travis attempts to hot-wire the boat (wasn’t he an English teacher?). Reid shoves Travis downstairs to start the boat while Madison creates a distraction.

Jack tells Alicia that Connor saved him so he owes him. Alicia offers to come with Jack in exchange for her family’s protection. He cuts her loose and seem to reach an agreement. In the meantime Nick locates house he was searching for and is approached at gunpoint by the man from Strand’s flashback (Louise). Louise explains he’s going to help them cross the border but then asks, “What do you mean by all of us?”


Madison continues to distract the pregnant woman by suggesting her baby already died. Louise explains his mother worked for The Abigail’s and could be safe in any environment. Flashback again: Strand is discussing real estate plans poolside with Thomas. It’s clear they’re romantically involved.


Connor and his friends arrive on the boat and instruct Travis and Alicia to come with them. Nick and Louise get close to The Abigail and quickly realize the hostage situation. The man takes out both of Connor’s people, inspiring Madison to stab Reid through the abdomen. Nick hops on board with Louise and explains he’s going to help them get to Mexico. Louise says he only planned on taking Strand to Mexico and Madison tells him Strand escaped before the takeover.

Madison rescues Strand from the water.