Connor cooks Alicia a steak and tells her he ensures all his people get a hot meal every night. Despite having hot steak and a working TV she finds a way out and discovers the boat’s docked at a port. Jack finds her and she interrogates him on her family’s whereabouts. Jack begs her to trust him.


Back on The Abigail Reed, who’s being held hostage, threatens Daniel that he’ll pay if he doesn’t hand him over to Connor. Daniel reminds him men who inspire fear never have to say how frightening they are to others. Later, Chris stands guard over Reed while Daniel and Madison strategize how to get Travis and Alicia back. Luis begs Madison not to veer from Mexico but she insists they won’t travel south without everyone.

Alicia steals Jack’s knife as he demonstrates how to mark and contact boats on radar. Travis wakes up in a cell and is confronted by Alex on the other side. She recounts being saved by Connor and his men after getting cut loose by Strand. In exchange she tipped them off about The Abigail and the people on board. Things aren’t looking optimistic for Travis.

Strand takes over the wheel as Madison grills him on sending Nick on errands. Meanwhile, Jack discovers The Abigail is on their tail and Alicia (who thinks Reid has taken over) assumes her family’s been taken/killed by Reed. Alex tells Travis Connor plans on using her, but she won’t let him.

Alicia reveals her escape plan to Travis but he advises her to find her way out without him. Connor radios Madison to give up Reed but she answers, “You can have your brother when I get my family back.” They hear a gunshot and discover Chris has killed Reed.


Reed turns into a walker but Daniel decides to keep him alive so they can still make the trade. Madison and Connor move to make the trade as Vida catches Alicia trying to leave. Alicia fights back and locks Vida in the cage. Madison and Connor exchange Reed for Travis when Reed bites Connor’s arm and Travis head-butts one of his men. Although Alicia has feelings for Jack, she decides to leave him and re-join Travis and Madison.