The episode opens in Mexico with an entire church congregation dying of poisoning before they can set out to fight the dead. Thomas Abigail rides up but it’s too late. The Padre tells him this is all Celia’s fault.


Back on The Abigail Travis interrogates Chris about shooting Reed. Suddenly, the border patrollers arrive and Strand instructs Madison to hide everyone below deck. They hole up in the engine room while Daniel translates the conversation between Strand, Luis, and the men. Gunshots rings out above and a body hits the floor. They run back up and discover Strand alive and Luis and the patrollers shot down. Daniel stabs the patrollers in the head while Luis begs Daniel to give a token with an owl insignia to his mother. Daniel recognizes the token and tosses it into the ocean, leaving him to die.

The group docks in Baja and makes their way to the church we saw earlier. Strand frantically yells for Thomas as the infected congregation attacks. Daniel grabs an infected child and experiences a flashback from his war past where he had a young boy in a similar chokehold. Meanwhile Madison almost gets eaten as Chris, who’s upset she ratted him out to Travis, stands motionless before Alicia ultimately saves her. Chris’ inaction isn’t lost on Madison or Alicia.



They finally arrive at the Abigail estate where a woman makes them surrender their weapons to come inside. Strand locates Thomas, who’s dying. Alicia tells Chris she saw him stand idle as Madison got attacked. He forcefully grabs her and threatens her not to tell anyone. “I don’t want to hurt anyone,” he warns.


Nick bonds with Tom’s mother as Daniel notices the sign of Luis’ coin insignia carved in a tree. Madison walks in on Strand caring for Tom, who asks her to watch over Strand when he’s gone. After talking with Alicia Madison informs Travis that Chris threatened Alicia over the walker incident. Travis pushes back and says Chris can get better like Nick did. They decide to sleep separately with their respective kids. Meanwhile, Strand proposes he kill himself so Tom doesn’t have to die alone.


Ofelia and Nick share a moment under the owl tree, triggering a flashback to his days as an addict. Daniel sneaks up on a boy he caught throwing a dog down a hole outside. The boy informs him he’s talking to his mother, who’s an infected with other infected caged up in a cellar. Daniel immediately confronts Celia about it, who justifies that they’re “family”. Daniel realizes Celia poisoned her own people to keep them ‘safe’ and reminds him he shouldn’t fear death. It’s now clear how the congregation from earlier died.

Soon after Celia informs Strand she’s proud of him and offers him the poison wafers. Later, Strand watches as Tom passes and walks past the poison. Chris walks into Alicia and Madison’s room and picks up a knife when a gunshot rings out. Alicia demands he leave while Strand deals with the aftermath of shooting Tom.