Daniel experiences nightmares of the war and Ofelia becoming poisoned before he’s awoken by Stand’s gunshot. Everyone’s crowded in Strand’s room, where Celia berates him for shooting Tom and not Romeo-ing himself. Alicia tells Travis about Chris showing up with a knife by her bedside but he can’t bring himself to believe it. Celia warns them they can only stay for one more day. Travis finds Chris in the fields outside and chases after him.

The next morning Daniel feels the eyes of the estate and Madison decides they should leave. “This place is dangerous; that woman is dangerous,” she warns. Travis, who’s feet are bruised and bloody almost gets killed by a man while he’s looking for Chris. Back at the estate a bloody Nick brings a turned Luis back to Celia. She suggests Nick stays and he asks if his family can stay too. She agrees but instructs Strand must leave.


Daniel warns Strand not to bury Tom because it’s an unholy ground. Madison airs her grievances with Nick about his new death obsession and he explains he brought Luis back so the family can stay. Daniel tries taking Ofelia to the gate because of the danger he believes the estate poses. She resists, the guards attack, and he fights back by cutting one of them with a razor.


Travis realizes the man in the hut is protecting Chris because he’s threatened the man’s son. Travis barges in and Chris holds him at gunpoint. Travis knocks the gun out of Chris’ hand, chases, and tackles him. Meanwhile, Celia holds a funeral for Tom, who she explains she used to raise when she was a housekeeper.

Celia attends to Daniel, who’s tied up in a room. As they converse Daniel hears Griselda’s voice, who reminds him he confessed to the murders in the past in his sleep. Celia implores him to confess his sins but he retorts, “I have nothing to say to you.” Once Celia leaves he sees Griselda’s ghost before him.

A bloodied Nick finds Travis and implores him to return but Travis explains he must stay with Chris, who can’t come back. Nick hands him his knife and leaves. Madison begs Celia to allow Strand to stay but she’s resistant. She explains she’s only letting them stay because of Nick, and she’ll have to accept the dead as they do. Madison tells Celia she wants to understand like Nick does. Meanwhile, Griselda berates Daniel for not burying her and not telling her about the first person he killed in the war as a child. “The first victim was you,” she tells him.


Madison tricks Celia into taking her to the cellar and than locks her in, proving she would do anything to protect her children. Daniel takes out a guard as Ofelia’s ghost tells him to set her free. Celia’s people walk Strand out of the estate as Daniel covers the cellar in kerosene. The walkers all appear as humans to him (even Griselda) as he lights the kerosene and burns him and the walkers.

Strand picks up Madison, Ofelia, and Alicia in his truck. Nick approaches them and tells Madison, “Celia was right about us. We destroyed everything.” He walks away as Strand forces Madison inside the truck. They drive off, leaving Nick behind to walk among the infected.