Every new community in The Walking Dead universe holds a Wisteria Lane-esque secret – from The Farm to Terminus to Alexandria to The Hilltop, normalcy seems impossible. And Nick’s new colony (or colonia) is no different. Instead of the mystery unraveling over time, this week’s episode jumps right in – human sacrifice (because why the f**k not)? A local man has volunteered to sacrifice himself to the infected by walking through a bus into a schoolyard brimming with the undead. His 5 year old daughter (and Nick) watch in horror as the the man stands in place and gets willingly becomes consumed. But why?


Elsewhere we get our first glimpse of Strand, Madison, Alicia, and Ofelia since the Abigail plantation fire. Madison makes them stop to look for Nick but they can’t find him. That’s not all that’s missing: The Abigail boat is also gone (Strand suspects the military picked it up). Alicia pleads they find shelter in a nearby hotel but Madison argues Nick will never find them that way. “He’s not looking,” Alicia shoots back. “It’s me and you now, whether you like it or not.” They write “Abigail lost, head north” in the sand and head to the hotel. They break into the lobby (which was barricaded from the inside) and Strand rings the service bell to sit up attention.


Luciana and Nick cover themselves in infected blood and head out for supplies. Luciana explains the man who offered himself to the walkers earlier did so for the better of the community. Nick questions if it was for nothing and she argues the dead are returning to give the world a fresh start. She continues that Alejandro (the pharmacist/doctor) was once bit by the infected but never turned. “You really believe that,” Nick asks incredulously. “I have no need to believe, I saw,” Luciana responds.

Back at the hotel the group uncovers an abandoned wedding reception and Ofelia reveals she was once engaged. Madison and Strand settle in at a bar while Alicia and Ofelia sweep the place for the infected. They find some strategically locked-in rooms…meaning they might not be alone after all.

Nick and Luciana arrive at a hostile gang outpost for supplies. “They will hang you for looking at them wrong,” she warns. They fit as much food and supplies as they can in a shopping cart in exchange for medicine. As they leave Nick gets tackled by one of the gang members for trying to steal a snack cake from their supply. They hold him down to chop off his hand but Nick warns if they harm him they won’t receive any more medicine for his sister. Nick even asks for MORE water for the trouble. The gang reluctantly agrees and Luciana berates him for his cockiness.


Back at the hotel Madison and Strand get sloshed at the bar and Madison airs out her frustration that she’ll never find Nick again. She also reveals her late husband Steven purposefully killed himself (as opposed to the accident story she fed Nick and Alicia). Their drunken gallivanting draws the infected right to them.

Alicia hears Strand playing the piano and watches as the infected hurl themselves off the roof to get him. She frantically sprints through the halls searching for Ofelia but is only met by more infected. Back at the colonia, Nick brings the snack cake to the girl whose dad sacrificed himself earlier. Alejandro warns him she doesn’t need cake and that if he puts his people in danger again he’ll feed him to the wall. Strand and Madison finally realize the infected heard them and are immediately surrounded/trapped around the bar.


What did YOU think of the episode?? Do you think Nick should stay in the colonia? What happened to Ofelia? And will Salazar’s ghost spook the infected away from Strand and Madison?? Tell us in the comments below!