Zap2It has a nice little interview with Gale Anne Hurd up about Season 4, which promises more zombies:

“It’s important to get a sense collectively of what people want, but also realize if it is not an organic outgrowth of where our characters and world are at a particular point then we can’t necessarily accommodate it. It’s true that there are more and more walkers in the world,” she says. “At some point this calm period at the Prison is going to end, and it’s they’re going to encounter them when they go on runs, they’re going to encounter walkers at the Prison; it’s inevitable.”

And a more mature Carl:

“At the end of last season, he got to see the direction that Carl was taking. I mean, he really had become a child soldier, and a child soldier who could kill another young man. That’s not something that Rick could have imagined happening, and I think it was a huge wake-up call for him,” Hurd teases. “We’ll see how Rick has been changed by the observation of who Carl was in danger of becoming at the end of last season.”

Go read the rest and find out if Gale is willing to spill on The Governor, Daryl and Carol, or the new spin-off!