The Walking Dead Game Jam

The 2013 All Out War Game Jam has been a great success. Thank you everyone for entering and playing.

The 1st place winner is the team Joe and Brad, behind the exceptional “Remember the Fallen. Robert Kirkman picked the winning game from our 10 finalist winners.

To play the games we chose as the best and most notable of the submissions, hit These games will be live here exclusively, until the end of January. The teams behind these picks have also opted to update and improve their games on an individual basis. Make some requests in the comments and who knows what might happen?

This playlist features all 60 submitted games (the ones that sent a video at least):

This playlist just features the semi-finalists before we picked the final 10:

If you find yourself entering other Game Jams, and you want to be fore-armed, check out veteran indie dev Byron Atkinson-Jones’ survival guide to game jams, here.

Finally, all of this would not have been possible without these great and generous people:

  • All of the 140 passionate hard-working Jam teams.
  • Rupert from Eurogamer Expo.
  • Joe and Kevin from Unity Technologies.
  • Chet from Valve Software.
  • Tom and Jeffery from Eurogamer.
  • Byron, Jeffrey, Jaz, Tadhg and Brady for their efforts in judging.
  • Byron of Xiotex for consulting logistical aspects of the Jam.
  • And finally, Brian, Lizzy, Robert, Shawn, Sean, Helen, DA and all at Skybound for their continuous efforts and support.