Capitalist Invaders

Developed by Pixel Comrades

The Controls may be customized in the options menu.

AIM = Mouse move.
Attack = Click Mouse Button 1.
Aim down iron-sight = Click Mouse Button 2.
Switch Weapon Q (cycle left), E (cycle right).
Melee Weapon Combo Attack = Click Mouse Button 1 and Button 2 together.
Melee Weapon Defend = Mouse Button 3.
Movement = W (Forward), A (Backward), S (Left), D (Right).
Sprint = Hold Shift Key.
Dodge = Alt Key.
Lock Mouse view angle = Z (toggle on and off).
Main Menu = ESC key.

Fight evil capitalist robots and harvest their golden innards while protecting the Soviet homeland. First person action with 5 different weapons and full combat system with dodging, defending, and stamina system.

To play the game, make sure you have the latest Unity Web Player installed!.

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