Cubes Clash

Developed by ZStudio

Aim and look = Mouse Move
Jump = A, or Click Left Mouse Button
Dash = A, or Click Left Mouse Button (when in the air)
Shoot = D, or Click Right Mouse Button
Grenade = Select grenade, Hold and Release D, or Hold and Release Right Mouse Button
Change selected weapon = 1, 2, or scroll wheel
Show the scoreboard = Hold TAB
Mute/Unmute the game = M
Skip the tutorial = X

This is what a real food fight looks like. Knock the other cubes off the table and be the last cube standing. Shoot, dash, hide and use grenades. Things move fast so get good at reacting on your feet to survive!

Read more about Cubes Clash and Z Studio, here, and don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments on the game below!

To play the game, make sure you have the latest Unity Web Player installed!.

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3 thoughts on “Cubes Clash

  1. Looks really great and feels really nice & polished. It feels like there should be some kind of random item box system similar to that of Cel Damage or Mario Kart. The tutorial is very big – i feel like it could definitely be stripped down to simply the buttons and a small optional description of the rule-set (i’m very anti text when it comes to tutorials though!) You guys have done an absolutely astounding job here though – great stuff!



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