Designed by Keith Tralins and Brian David-Marshall
BASED ON ROBERT KIRKMAN’S THE WALKING DEADEnter the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead! Become a player and take on the role of a survivor in a world suddenly full of zombies. With only one companion at the start of the game, each player must struggle to gather resources, find other survivors, and eventually find a refuge from the zombies that have taken over the landscape. Can you find enough resources and scout enough locations to find a safe haven to escape to?2011Each player takes on the role of one of six key characters from The Walking Dead. With meager resources and only one other companion, each player must travel across north Georgia in search of food, ammunition, gas and other survivors. But…where ever a player moves, the zombie hordes are always right behind them.Who will be the first to scout three locations and find refuge from…The Walking Dead?



  • 4 Blue “Hero” Dice
  • 4 Red “Warrior”
  • 4 Green “Scavenger” Dice
  • 1 Black “Ammo” Die
  • 216 Zombie Tokens
  • 72 Fatigue Markers
  • 6 Starting Character Cards
  • 23 Follower Cards
  • 26 Location Cards
  • 90 Encounter Cards
  • 18 Resource Markers
  • 23 Follower Tokens
  • 6 Starting Character Portraits
  • 6 Player Sheets
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook 

No. of players: 1-6
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

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14 thoughts on “The Board Game

  1. When you clicked on a link for a board game you thought you could play it online? You’re the kind of person who rates an app 1 star because its not free, aren’t you?



  2. i wish Walkers were real on said:

    @ftotheu:disqus dude it’s just a board game it doesn’t have to be that free. the price is $39-$40. and it is just like other board games, i prefer that they should lower the price into 20% and make it $20 for a board game like that. if you have seen video games that kinda looks boring and not that much fun they are free. best and outstanding video games need to be paid for hard work. you can download those best and outstanding games for free via pirated versions. see everyone cares about cash, the earth has full of people who needs cash-cash. but when the walkers attack the earth, everyone will make things free and if you want to own that person’s gun, you need to make a trade with him.



  3. Kai Opitz on said:

    Played it and it is quite fun.
    But I can’t imagine how you can handle this game solo in a 6 Player Match.

    Even in a 2 Player Match we were not able to get the main target – scouting locations, because the board is fucked up with zombies everywhere after 10 minutes, which really rapes you.

    Also there are a lot of questions not answered in the manuals, which makes me a little bit sad.

    For example: For what are the ammunition or supply marks with “+10″ on it or does the fuel tokens mean, that you can walk “x” additional fields to your always possible 3 movement-fields?!



  4. Daniel on said:

    have the comic version and i have to say i love it, the board fills up with zombie tokens fast wherever you go and it makes it a bit intense, really fun, havnt tried the tv show version but thats because i dont like Tv show rick haha



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