Joe Kinglake and Bradley Smith, aka “Joe and Brad” are the duo that put together Remember the Fallen in a 48 hour crunch during our All Out War game jam. You can play it now, right here.

Remember The Fallen begins by presenting you with soldier’s graves. You must find flowers to pay tribute to their deaths in a heavily damaged black and white environment. The game surfaced regularly as a favorite for its original approach to the all out war design brief.

Jaz picked it for a special mention, “simply because it looks so interesting”. He added, “Not quite sure what the game really is, but I think with a lot more work and some really creative thinking, this could be as emotionally engaging as something like Journey. It has all the basics there, and if it can maintain its stark atmosphere but add some visual sophistication, it could be a really intriguing game.”

Brian Huntington, our website overlord, also picked it out as something he enjoyed, and added that if this were to blossom into a long term project, “some narrative elements every time you drop a rose, revealing more of a really simple story, would be super effective.” : What was your creative process to come to the design you submitted?
Joe : “A big part of creating Remember The Fallen for me was trying to really experiment with the theme and trying to interpret it in a unique way. We really wanted to create something that would provoke a conversation between us and the player, something with a stronger narrative.”

Brad : “We spent a lot of time discussing what ‘All Out War’ could mean and how it could be interpreted in a meaningful way. The question we asked ourselves was “how could we turn the process of honoring the dead into a game”. We wanted players to have feelings of respect during the process of placing down a flower. I hope this was achieved.” : “What kind of games does your team aim to make?
Joe : I like to try and experiment with what a game is. I think that the games that we aim to make maybe are not always considered games, yet – we try to push what a game is and expand upon the definition of a game as well as experimenting with the boundaries between stories and games.”

Brad : As farfetched as it sounds, something with a unique or interesting quality that tries to push games in a new direction. It’s always interesting to push boundaries or trigger a strong response from players. : How do you think you will further develop the game?
Joe : I know I can definitely speak for both myself and Bradley when I say that we would love to continue working on this. We both have lots of ideas to improve and further develop the concept. I know we would both love to bring Remember The Fallen into a wider audience to begin a much larger conversation.

Brad : I like the idea of having a fully fleshed out war memorial tribute game, where players can go to a particular accurate account of time in war history and pay honor to those who died. I’d love to further establish and iterate the gameplay mechanic into something that motivates players to explore with curiosity. : What’s your favorite Skybound comic?
Joe : I haven’t read any Skybound comics yet, although the Walking Dead certainly has my interests peaked! However I am a massive fan of the Walking Dead series games.

Brad : I don’t read many comics.

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Brad and Joe

Finally, you can read their blogs – Joe’s Blog / Brad’s Blog – to track more of what will happen of Remember the Fallen, or track their other games in development.