Jacob Williams and Ryan DeGange are the team behind Zombie Command; another widely-loved judge’s favorite. The pair form “New Horizon Games” whose game you can now play here.

New Horizon Games

TWD.com : What was your creative process to come to the final game that you submitted?
NHG : “Because we started the jam about a week late, our process had to stay pretty simple. We didn’t really come up with some specific genre or game mechanic, we just start throwing ideas out there and listened to each others feedback. After a while, a game started to take shape that we thought would be fun to play.”

“From there, we just started working as quick and smart as we could. Because all the art was original, we had a bit of a disadvantage, but I think it helped the game play stay unique. As time slipped away, we had to start cutting features, but kept the core experience intact. Hopefully our vision for the game shines through, and you enjoy it.”

TWD.com : What kinds of game does your team aim to make?
NHG : “New Horizon Games is a fairly new game studio, but we (Ryan and Jacob) have been working on games for a few years. We aren’t sticking to a specific genre, but we don’t believe in in-app purchasing a player to death or making a game that takes no skill or thought. We believe the retro era of gaming is where the real fun was at, and we are attempting to bring new ideas to this classic style.”

TWD.com : How do you think you will further develop this game and its concept in future?
NHG : “We believe the overall game mechanics are fun, but we feel like we are lacking content. In addition to tackling the obviously large list of programming bugs, Ryan is going to get started on adding new buildings, units, and levels immediately.”

“This is a fun game for PC, but we also want to bring it to mobile devices, as we believe that is a market that will also love this game. Look for the game soon on Steam Greenlight.”

Zombie Command

If you missed the first link, you can play the game here!

To follow the guys on twitter, you can catch Ryan here, and Jacob, here. To see more of their stuff, you can also check out their website, here.