ZStudio is a 4-person team from Brazil that built Cubes Clash. Which you can play here.

Say hello to Ulisses Sousa Dantas, Caio Vinícius Ramos Balducci, Patrick Leandro Maldonado and Ricardo Barcellos Coelho.

Z Studios Team

Cubes Clash was one of the most complete-feeling games the judges got to play. All of us were impressed with how much work these guys were able to achieve in such a small space of time. Even more impressive was how utterly chaotic the game was.

TWD.com : What was your creative process for this game idea?
Z : We needed an idea that was possible to be completed the more polished and well finished as possible in a short space of time, because in practice we only had a weekend to create the game. We think of all the production processes that we would have to go through and we decided to choose for a simpler concept that was more attractive and more compatible with our creation and execution skills.

After a brainstorm, the idea of crazy cubes who fight each other in a dining table was the most fun idea and most visually attractive. The game mechanics were designed to best fit the theme and also bring some innovation. We wanted to do something simple, easy to learn, fun and fairly pretty and polished with some innovation in comparison to normal multiplayer/arena games to achieve the best result even being a simple game.

After that, was plain hardcore programming, testing, modelling, texturing and tweaking to end the game before the submissions end.

TWD.com : What kinds of games do you aim to make?
Z : There is no consensus in the group of a preferred”game genre”. What we want to achieve is to create games that are innovative and not attached to the stipulated game standards, and are always, above all, well made and well finished; We really want to give the best experience to our players

TWD.com : How do you think you will further develop this game and its concept in future?
Z : From the moment we close the concept of the game, some things were already in our mind as future enhancements, and others emerged during production, such as: Multiplayer online, more arenas, characters with more charisma and features, new weapons with different effects, and supporting mods and customizations.

TWD.com : Favorite comics to read?
Z : The Walking Dead, and as far as we know, it’s the only title from Skybound published here in Brazil!

You can follow Z Studios developments on Twitter, by clicking right here.