The Walking Dead has a penchant for killing off characters without warning, and the actors all know that. Hershel himself Scott Wilson got aHEAD (sorry) of the game when his character made the iconic “risk your life” speech back in Season 4, Episode 3 (five episodes before he was killed by The Governor). “Soon as I read that, I knew I was dead,” Wilson revealed at a recent Walker Stalker Con panel.

“That’s it. That scene, Hershel became more proactive. Usually, he was reactive. He was reactive to the issues of the characters around him. He was good but he was reactive. In that, he comes out and he was proactive and he says, ‘This is what you should do,’ and he’s reaching the point where you can do without him.”

Here’s the infamous speech as a refresher:

The Walking Dead Hershel-You step outside

Hershel giving his speech about what to risk your life for,to Rick and Maggie. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Although his outlook on walkers may have been initially skewed, Wilson explains Hershel was protective, not crazy. “He was looking out for the best interest of the people who had become walkers before he found out they couldn’t be brought back,” he reflected.

“And, after he found out, he was still looking out for the best interest of the people that were there, so he never really changed who he was. It was just a loss for him that he knew he wouldn’t be meeting the people that he knew again. It was an interesting character and a lot of people think he started thinking differently but, basically, he didn’t.”

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