AMC recently unveiled a full scene from The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere, which occurs moments after Negan kills _________ and brags to Rick about it. So how does this moment compare to its iconic comic counterpart? We’re here to break it down. But as a refresher, here’s the Season 7 Preview clip that premiered at New York Comic Con 2016:

How It Compared To The Comics Before The Scene

As we mentioned in our Season 6 Comic Vs. Show Comparison the final minutes of the Season 6 Finale mirrored the comics almost exactly. See for yourself:





How It Compared To The Aftermath

In the COMICS, Negan chooses his victim, says Lucille is thirsty, beats the living hell out of him, and then calls Lucille a “vampire bat.” He then turns to Rick and asks, “What? Was the joke that bad?”


Although we can’t confirm if he makes the same joke in the show, he DOES ask the same sick question to Rick in the clip. In both the comic and show Rick promises Negan, “Not today, not tomorrow…but I WILL kill you.” THIS is when both mediums deviate.

IN THE COMICS Negan challenges Rick to kill him right there to prove even if he could he’d be outnumbered (and killed) by the Saviors. He then implies if Rick keeps threathening him he’ll have his men sexually abuse Carl (WHAT?!). Finally, he slaps him around and reminds him he’s the new sheriff in town and he expects his first supply drop next week…or else.

IN THE SHOW Rick tells Negan, “I’m gonna kill you” (slightly different from ‘I will kill you’), which prompts Negan to tease Rick for having a hatchet. He discusses his right hand man (hence the name of the clip) Simon, and how it important to him he is. He asks Rick if he has one, or if he killed them. Negan then places the axe in his belt, drags Rick to the RV, and says he may or may not return with him. We obviously can’t reveal the subsequent events but it differs greatly from what happened in the comics (Negan walking away).


WHAT THESE COMPARISONS MEAN is in both the comic and show Negan renders Rick nearly powerless and despite Rick’s promise to kill him, sets a precedent that he owns Rick and there’s nothing he can do to stop him.

Which version of events did YOU like more? Where do you think Negan’s taking Rick? And do YOU hope the rest of the season follows the comics or takes a dramatic left turn? Tell us in the comments!