UPDATE: Now when you pay above the average, you unlock three more Image books, including Skybound classic Invincible Vol. 1, Saga Vol. 2, and The Manhattan Projects Vol. 1!

We’ve teamed up with the guys and gals at Humble Bundle! Pay what you want, support comics AND charity and get nine digital titles from Image Comics, including The Walking Dead Volume 1 & Volume 20!

The Walking Dead comics are at a special unlockable level after you pay $15, but with all of the other comics you get with the bundle, it’s worth so much more that! That’s like $90 worth of digital comics! DRM free! Multiple formats! If you unlock everything, you get the first volumes of East of West, Fatale, Lazarus, Morning Glories, Saga, Revival, Chew, The Walking Dead, and Volume 20 of The Walking Dead. Insane. These are some of my favorite comics right now.

By including both Volume 1 of TWD and Volume 20, we can reward both new readers and readers that haven’t had a chance to pick up Volume 20 yet! So get on it!

Here’s the Humble Bundle video promo:

CLICK HERE to score this awesome deal! This deal ends May 12th!