I’m hearing some grumblings about last night’s episode being a little action-light. Well rest easy, Robert addresses that in this talk with Clark Collis at Entertainment Weekly. He also touches on who chose Tom Waits, Nicotero’s directing skills, Tyreese’s reaction to the prison group, and more.

Lesley Goldberg from The Hollywood Reporter also had her weekly chat with Robert. They discuss Andrea’s headspace, how comic fans might be thrown off by this new Tyreese/Rick dynamic, and in general get you pumped up for the next episode.

Our friends over at AMC talk to Dallas Roberts, who plays Milton. Dallas lets us in on his serious geek credentials and shares a funny story about make-up trailer antics between the cast.

IGN’s Joey Esposito changes things up a bit and discusses scoring vs soundtrack as well as episode discussion.

The Walker Stalkers recap the action and have a long talk with Lew Temple (Axel). I haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview part yet but I hope they spend a good solid 10-15 minutes discussing mustache care.

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