#IDARB, the bananas, quasi-crowd sourced, indie experiment-turned-crazy-multiplayer-game has arrived early on XBox One for XBox Live Gold members (free to boot)! #IDARB defies easy explanation, but it’s a pixel art, multiplayer sports game. Kind of a throwback to an earlier time of simpler graphics and simpler controls but with some modern twists. For one, spectators can use a unique match code to tweet modifiers that immediately effect gameplay. From Wired: “Each game gets a unique alphanumeric hashtag, displayed in the corner of the screen. Spectators use this hashtag with keyword ‘hashbombs’ like #reverse, #freeze, or #clown in tweets or Twitch chat to make wonderfully strange things happen in the game. They can turn the ball into a bomb, for example, or invert everyone’s controls. They can have a crudely-pixellated Rick Astley croon ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’ because who wouldn’t want to do that?”

So where does Skybound and The Walking Dead fit into this? The #IDARB devs have included a bunch of pre-existing teams and Skybound is one of them! When you play #IDARB, you can play with Team Skybound, which consists of Rick Grimes, Michonne, Invincible, Atom Eve, Tech Jacket, Science Dog, Super Dinosaur, and a walker! RAD!


As mentioned, Wired.com has a really good article on how Twitter not only shaped #IDARB but how it will continue to play a part in the game.

Watch TESTED play the game with developer Mike Mika RIGHT HERE: