Recently, Sean Patrick Flannery (Norman Reedus’ Boondock costar) said that Daryl was basically The Fonz from TV’s The Happy Days. He’s not the only one to see similarities between The Walking Dead’s resident bad ass and the Henry Winkler sitcom classic. Many people have talked about how they’re both “bad boys,” they’re both minor characters who’ve risen to fan-favorite status, and they’re both renowned for their motorcycles and sweet water skiing abilities. Ok maybe not the water skiing. At least not YET (season 7 spoiler). Anyway, this got me thinking, what would Daryl actually look like as the Fonz? What if other TWD characters were in classic sitcoms..?

Here’s Daryl in classic Fonz mode:

Daryl as the Fonz

And of course Rick would be TV’s moralizing sheriff Andy Griffith:


But I guess that would make Shane… bumbling deputy Barney Fife?


Dale has to be Wilson from Home Improvement, the older, wisdom-dispensing moral compass. In a bucket hat:


And last, if we’ve got Daryl, we’ve got to have Merle. He’d fit right in as TV’s original bigot, Archie Bunker from All in the Family:


That’s it for round 1. Who would you guys place in round 2?