Thankfully, a TON of you loved the Negan casting announcement. But what did someone closer to the show think? IGN recently sat down with Norman Reedus to discuss the infamous role along with some juicy rumors.

IGN: We do have that small cliffhanger moment where we hear “help” on the walkie talkie. Is that supposed to be —

REEDUS: It’s not Glenn! Don’t ask me! It’s not Glenn! [laughs]

IGN: I was trying to puzzle out whose voice it is, and I figured you could just set the record straight.

REEDUS: Yeah, people keep asking me. I’m like, “No!” I mean, I was in the episode when that happened on the dumpster. [pauses] Like, I’m in that episode, and when that episode stops, I turned off the TV and I paced around the room like, “I can’t believe that just happened.” I mean, I was upset, and we filmed that a long time ago and I was still upset. You see what you see and you make your own decisions. He’s such a beloved character that people may hope things, but that’s what we’re doing. We’re making that. It just makes we’re doing a good job. Just wait. Everything from here on in is an “I just lost my mind” moment on this show. I mean, we’re flying down the road right now. We’re doing about 120 [mph].


IGN: What are your thoughts on (Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s) casting for this iconic character?

REEDUS: It’s a big deal. It’s a really big deal. I can say that I’ve known Jeffrey for 15 years. He has his own style, his own flavor, and he’s such a talented actor and has his own personality that whatever he does he brings to and he hits it out of the park. The thing about casting characters for this show is they can’t just be a good actor. They need to fit here in this world with us making this show, they have to come to Georgia, they have to fit in this machine. That’s on a character level, that’s on a personality level, that’s on a work ethic level — they have to fit. Knowing Jeffrey, he fits perfectly, and I think that he will knock this role right out of the park.


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