The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 Gallery


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  1. Increase the pace already! I love watching Negan and Rick, however, I was shocked that nothing else happened in this episode! This new format is killing me. We had to wait 3 weeks till we get to Alexandria and…nothing! We had to watch all the episode with Daryl, which could be wrapped up in a much shorter time. Tone Negan’s character down a bit. Otherwise, you will make him annoying. As mush as I love him, I felt it was over the top by the end of the episode. Add complexity. Negan is an iconic villain. And all we see is his jokes. And it’s episode 4 already. It would be nice to see more diverse performance from JDM. He is brilliant. And he is the reason of why I started to like this show so much. If he would kill someone in this episode that would remarkable or he could simply take someone to Sanctuary. Can’t wait for him to meet Maggie!



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