Frank Dillane proves to be even more intriguing than his drug-addicted character Nick Clark from Fear the Walking Dead. Sitting down with AMC, Dillane clarifies his character’s drug-addict moniker, his relationship with the cast, and how he’d fare through a zombie apocalypse in the world of Harry Potter. Below are excerpts from the interview so make sure to check it out in its entirety on AMC.

AMC: You’re the first character to come across an infected person. Can you talk about filming those first scenes in the church during the series premiere? Was it scary?

FD: Yeah. A lot of the main driving force for my journey is dictated by that first scene. My girlfriend has turned and ends up going for me. That informs everything else and there was a lot of preparation for gearing myself up for being in love with this girl and then just being taken by surprise when she turns. A lot of the stuff that drives Nick and makes him so troubled is his father dying and his girlfriend turning. He doesn’t really have much to live for.


AMC: You’ve mentioned that although he’s a drug addict, Nick would have the easiest time adjusting during an apocalypse. Why do you think that?

FD: I think it’s important to distinguish that Nick isn’t a drug addict, he’s an addict. “Drug” is neither here nor there, really. It’s just a solution to a problem. I guess if you’re an addict and you only really have one problem in life, which is where to get your next fix from or burst from life, that single-minded conviction and willpower would put you in good standings. He’s already concerned with life and death.


AMC: A lot of people know you from your first movie role in the Harry Potter films. If you could come up with any spell to survive the apocalypse, what would the spell do?

FD: I’d guess it’d turn zombies into not being zombies anymore…

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AMC: Would you prefer to be fenced in like the Clarks are in their neighborhood, or take your chances in the outside world?

FD: I would take my chances on my own, I think. I’d get a dog, a car and a gun.


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