Chandler Riggs was recently interviewed by Buffalo news. We pulled some of our favorite snippets, recounted below:

Though he wouldn’t tell too much about Season 5, he did say of Carl, “I like the way Carl has developed. It’s interesting to see him grow. I’m enjoying seeing where he is going.”

Carl’s character has certainly gone through a lot in the last few years, but thankfully, Chandler cited the camaraderie on set for keeping things light.

“Some of the actors were going through something similar in that episode. It was a really sad time for all of us. We lost two major characters,” he said. “But there’s no real intensity or tension on the set with these scenes. When it has to be serious, like an intense scene where someone is getting killed off, we try to keep it on the down-low. Otherwise, everyone has fun.”

And his favorite episode? Episode 404, in which he got to “fire off a bunch of rounds on a machine gun on my birthday.”

And, most importantly, his favorite aspect of The Walking Dead altogether? “I’m a teen boy so I like seeing blood and guts,” Chandler reported. “I know it’s fake, but I’m having fun.”

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