After this week’s intense episode of The Walking Dead, several news sources have reached out to the show’s executive producers to get the low down on the episode. Here’s some of what they’ve had to say:

Robert Kirkman:

“In modern society, if there was a Lizzie or a Ben they would be in therapy for years and they would be monitored and there would be efforts taken to try to curb that behavior and prevent them from doing anything dangerous. Those options are not available in this world, and I think that’s another element of the zombie apocalypse that leads to interesting stories. What do we do when we have this person who is a danger to all of us, but they’re a kid and it’s not their fault, there’s just something wrong with them. In this world, that’s just kind of an impossible situation to be in.”

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Scott Gimple:

“With Mika’s death, that was something I wanted Carol and Tyreese to discover. I didn’t want to see that happen. And I would love to take credit for an awesome idea, but basically that’s how it happens in the book. It was discovered. It wasn’t shown… [it’s] something where the audience’s imagination will be far more horrible that anything we could have done. As far as the gunshot, we did wrestle with the cut of that. We played around with it in a variety of iterations. Initially it was about what we felt was tasteful to show and what we felt was not tasteful to show and figuring that out. I’d say the discovery along the way was the shot where we don’t see it, but we see Carol pull the trigger and we stay on Carol. It’s such a remarkable piece of acting that Melissa does in that moment that I wouldn’t have wanted to cut away anyways, because really in that moment that is all about Carol.”

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Gale Anne Hurd:

“The world of The Walking Dead is all about human choices, about what one has to do to survive, and how much each character is willing to sacrifice and compromise their humanity. And we will really see certain characters pushed to their limit — in a way the way that Carol was — in these final two episodes.”

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