Holy smokes! This is pretty unexpected. TWD show runner Scott Gimple opened up to EW’s Dalton Ross about the possibility of seeing Negan in Season 6! Popular assumption has been that Negan wouldn’t be showing up anytime before Season 7 at the earliest, but is it possible he’ll be slamming into the TWD TV universe in the next year?!

Here’s what Scott told Entertainment Weekly:
“…when I say it’s a possibility, we have a plan in place, but there’s a couple variables for that plan that we’re deciding about. It really depends on a few factors as we move into setting up the last bit of the season story-wise.”

This makes it sound like it would be toward the end of Season 6. If, and that’s a big if, it happens.

When speaking of bringing huge characters to the show from the comic, here’s what Robert Kirkman had to say:
“…we’re always careful, and I feel like we’ve done a really good job servicing those fan expectations. Hopefully that trend will continue…if the characters you mention are to appear soon.”

There’s a bunch more in the EW article, so be sure to check it out!

What do you guys think? Will Negan arrive sooner than we thought? What will the show change? Will they use one of our casting picks?!