The Walking Dead issue 110 is in stores (as you should know—ahem) and reviews are out.

“Fans may see this issue as just another actionless issue that doesn’t give you any shock and awe, but it is this type of issue that truly broadens the scope of the book past all the other ‘zombie’ books that litter the racks… This is another well written tale that will become a stepping stone for a grander finale, it may leave the ‘action junkie’ in all of us a little depressed. But, all you have to do is look at the cover of June’s issue #111 to get that adrenaline pumping once more!” That’s from the guys over at Cosmic Book News.
They’re right about issue 111, that cover is wicked.

“Issue #110 is perfect; delicious The Walking Dead. Classic tropes from the series stand out unabashedly and because of it, we get a pretty wonderful comic book. Rick Grimes couldn’t have done better himself.” 5/5 from TheComicBastards.
We are blushing, guys. And who knew Rick Grimes was a comic writer?!

“It’s rarely a good idea to promise readers a sword fight on a cover and not deliver, particularly in a book like The Walking Dead where such a thing would be a novelty. Sadly, issue #110 does not involve a high-octane sword battle between Michonne and Ezekiel like the cover suggests. But it’s a testament to the quality of this issue that it remains so engaging despite that blatant case of false advertising.” 8.5, GREAT, from Jesse Schedeen at IGN.
Was the cover a BIT of a tease? Maybe. But it wasn’t like there was blood flying through the air. And a cover of Michonne smiling would be the weirdest cover ever.

“If you miss your daily dose of zombies on Sundays, then ‘The Walking Dead’ #110 is the relief you need. The series continues to do very well because of its spot-on characterizations and terrific artwork. Nothing is ever simple in the zombie apocalypse, especially when it’s the humans you have to worry about.” That’s from MTV Geek.
It always comes back the man’s inhumanity to man, doesn’t it?

This last review is interesting. It’s from someone that doesn’t read the comic and has only checked out an issue once. How crazy is that? Not that he doesn’t read it, just that he decided to review an issue in the middle of a story arc. “The artwork from Charlie Adlard seems to be exactly the same as a year or so ago, when I tried to read a copy, and I like it a lot… The Walking Dead #110 is an interesting comic, but perhaps I may have been better starting with a graphic novel or two. That being said, I’ll be back to read the next issue.” –Rod Bell (aka Villordsutch) at
We’ve got him. He’s coming back for more. Rod, you gotta start at the beginning of an arc. Or at the VERY beginning. Haha. It’s daunting but worth it.