MoviePilot recently spoke with Josh McDermitt (Dr. Eugene Porter) about landing his role on The Walking Dead, how playing Eugene has impacted his life and more!

When asked about his favorite character on the show, McDermitt said, “Before Eugene joined the show, one of my favorite characters was Morgan. It might be that I really enjoy the actor (Lennie James).” After he joined the show, though, his favorite became Sgt. Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudlitz. “He’s a walking muscle,” McDermitt joked.

When asked how he came to audition for the role of Eugene, McDermitt said, “I have a comedy background and it took some convincing to get my manager and agent to agree to look for dramatic roles for me. I thought I’d have to do a lot of auditions before landing a dramatic role, but the audition for Eugene was one of my first for a dramatic role.”

Though he was a fan of the comics, he stopped reading them shortly after being cast!

“I didn’t want to be influenced by the comics,” McDermitt said. “I can only work with Eugene in the space the writers and producers give me and I didn’t want what I read to change how I might play the character.”

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