You probably already know the Mid-Season finale will be CRAZY. You may even presume not everyone will make it…but to what degree? Robert Kirkman helps clarify in the Entertainment Weekly interview below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The last half of season 5, and the first half of season 6 was all about finding a safe place, that ended up being Alexandria, and fighting to keep it. So the world has been very much about Alexandria and what was happening there. How much of what we see going forward is going to be about expanding that world.

ROBERT KIRKMAN: Very much so. Alexandria is a step. Seeing our mid-season finale, it’s a very shaky step right now, and the outcome of that, it’s certainly unknown, but Alexandria is kind of a gateway to this larger world, to rebuilding some semblance of civilization. And it changes the kind of stories that we’re telling.

EW: So, safe to say that not everyone in the midseason premiere is going to make it out of Alexandria alive?

KIRKMAN: Some people are going to die, that is one hundred percent true.


EW: What is Rick’s view going to be on this outside world now and some of the people they may be meeting?

KIRKMAN: Well, anyone who’s been paying attention to the show knows that Rick’s views are always evolving, and I think that’s one of his strengths. As he experiences more, as he learns more, his viewpoint changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but he is constantly trying to feel his way around this new world and adapting to it.

I would say that moving forward, I would expect things to be no different. Just because in the first half of the season he felt one way doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to be that way moving forward, and I would say that the loss of Deanna, and everything that he had learned from her during his time in Alexandria is going to have a meaningful impact on him that is going to change the way he’s thinking moving forward.


EW: What about Morgan’s place in the group? Obviously, he’s in a tenuous position. He has this shared history with Rick, but they clearly are coming from different philosophical sides. And then, obviously, we saw the whole brouhaha with Carol there at the end. So, what’s Morgan’s place in this group going to be in terms of his philosophy and how that jibes with everyone else?

Kirkman: Morgan has a very solidified way of thinking that he truly believes in that is at times very much in conflict with almost everyone in Rick’s group, and that’s going to be a huge part of this back half of the season. I would say that the conflict between him and Carol is only beginning. I would expect to see, a little bit more of that in the back half of the season as Morgan is still finding his place within this group.


He’s still very much new to the scene and trying to feel out, how it is that he interacts with these people. And his philosophy, as I said, is at odds with Rick, and it’s possibly going to be more at odds after the attack on Alexandria than it was before. So, there’s been some interesting things ahead for the character Morgan, and we’ll just have to see where they go.

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