We decided to take a look back at what the top posts were from last year. While some were expected (who doesn’t love memes!?) the #1 post of 2014 might be a little bit surprising…


5. Is TWD Just Rick’s Dream?

Demands from fans culminated in Robert Kirkman officially addressing the popular rumor that the zombie apocalypse is all part of Rick’s coma-fueled dreams. (Brian: 1 Lizzy: 0)


4. Season 4 Memes: Round Two

I could not tell you why the second half of Season 4 was THE PLACE to go for memes, but there you have it. This meme post was the 4th most popular post on the site in 2014. (Brian: 1 Lizzy: 1)


3. Amazing Japanese Walking Dead Promos

If you somehow missed this, DROP EVERYTHING. These two Japanese promotional videos featuring Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are a strange mix of cute, funny and almost creepy. (Brian: 1 Lizzy: 2)


2. The Walking Dead #129 Cover Reveal aka April Fools’ Day Joke 2014

This post definitely deserves to be in the Top 5. Brian’s brilliant fake cover proclaiming Daryl’s arrival fooled several credible news outlets (sorry, guys!) by taking an illustration of Dwight and altering it. Brian points out all the differences here! (Brian: 2 Lizzy: 2)


1. Walking Dead Season 4 On Netflix

I told you you would have a hard time believing it! The most visited post out of all our posts in 2014 was information we posted about when Season 4 of TWD would be arriving on Netflix. (Brian: 3 Lizzy: 2)

That’s okay, I have a feeling 2015 will be The Walking Dead: Rise of the Lizzy.

Surprised at all that Netflix is in spot number one? Which posts did you think were the best from 2014? Let us know in the comments below!