AMC’s running a marathon of The Walking Dead RIGHT NOW. They’re starting with the very first episode, which means if you want to catch up on any of Season 4 before the second half starts in February, the time to do it is tomorrow, January 1st, at 9pm|8c when the episode “30 Days Without Accident,” the Season 4 premiere, airs.

Here’s the Season 4 schedule in case you just missed one episode, but be prepared to set those DVRs for some of the later episodes:

9pm|8c: 401—”30 Days Without Accident”
10pm|9c: 402—”Infected”
11pm|10c: 403—”Isolation”
12am|11c: 404—”Indifference”
1am|12c: 405—”Interment”
2am|1c: 406—”Live Bait”
3am|2c: 407—”Dead Weight”
4am|3c: 408—”Too Far Gone”

Check your local listings for exact times. Most cable companies time-shift AMC for local airings. For example, Time Warner here in Los Angeles shows The Walking Dead 3 hours later than on the east coast (so they both air at 9pm, irrespective of time zone). Satellite, to my knowledge, does not/cannot, so if something is on at 9pm on the east coast, it’s on at 6pm on the west coast.