chatted with Michael Cudlitz last week at Wizard World Las Vegas and caught up with him about cosplayers, conventions, and what it was like reading the Walking Dead comics. Here’s a little bit of what he had to say:


Have you ever met a cosplayer dressed as your character?

I have!

How’s that?

It’s awesome! I’ll pull it up. [pulls up photo on phone] There’s always a couple and it’s a lot of fun, actually. I think my favorite one is a couple weeks ago, this guy.


Oh, looks just like you!

Yeah. Everybody has a lot of fun with it. It’s just, that’s what it’s all about: everybody celebrating the comics and stuff that, you know, shared interest. They come out with the family. It’s great.

Do you still follow The Walking Dead comic books now that you’re on the show?

I’m behind on the comics. [SPOILER ALERT] I’m past my death, spoiler alert in the comics.

That was a shocker!

Yeah. I’m past that, but I’m not caught up.

Do you get a little bit nervous about the television series approaching that point in the comic books?

No. They’re concurrent worlds. They’re very different than each other… Then they’re very much the same… Me worrying doesn’t make me stay around longer. They’ll take me out if and when they want to. I’ll just enjoy the time that I’m here.

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