Fear The Walking Dead will be VERY different in Season 2. MTV recently sat down with star Cliff Curtis to discuss what we can expect, his opinion on the mysterious Strand, and of course, pirate zombies. Make sure to catch the WHOLE interview over at MTV!

MTV: Strand is definitely one of the more fascinating characters we met last season.

Curtis: Absolutely. He’s so much fun, and Travis can’t stand him. To Travis, Strand is a mole — he’s got no compass, no sense of good as far as Travis can see. He’d sell his mother! He’s the guy who’s not meant to be trusted. But for me, I love him. I think it’s so great to have that element on the show because it gives us that balance of masculine characters who can show up while Travis is dealing with his dark soul [Laughs].


MTV: Do you feel like Travis is a changed man after shooting Liza?

Curtis: He’s got to be. You can’t go through what he’s gone through and not be changed. But he’s a lot stronger than you suspect. He’s one of those guys… he’s not obviously a macho guy, especially in terms of the show. He was [with] the military guides, all very alpha male, macho. And then you’ve got Salazar, and you’ve got the intriguing character Strand, and then even his girlfriend that’s sort of quicker to adapt than he is — you know, take action first and deal with the consequences later. That’s the antithesis of who he is. He’s coming from a place of strength, ultimately. That’s my understanding of him anyway. And that he really does believe in the basics of humanity. He really is totally understood as an optimist and idealist. He might’ve been broken, but I think he’s a lot more resilient than we would think. He sees where he’s going to go from there and decides who he needs to be in this new world.


MTV: There were some complaints last season that it took too long to get to the walkers. Now that they’ve faced their first walker horde, will Season 2 hit the ground running and get straight to the mayhem?

Curtis: I don’t know. I don’t know how there can be that many zombies out at sea. I don’t know how that works. They can’t swim, so I don’t know how you’re going to get a horde of zombies attacking the boat in the middle of the ocean. Maybe they jump onboard a cruise liner that’s been infected and then it’s like a bunch of zombie pirates. There’s all sorts of potential things that could happen. Obviously, if we’re off the west coast of California, lots of people are on boats so they probably wouldn’t be out there on their own. And that’s what you’re going to worry about — those crazy human beings!

MTV: It will be a challenge, but they don’t have a lot of space to work with. They’re kind of trapped on this yacht, so they have to deal with it.

Curtis: Yeah, they kind of do. That’s what’s going to make it cool. You can’t run away. There’s nowhere to go. What happens when people get off the boat? Oh my lord. I’m very happy with the boats, and hanging out in the sea, so it’s all good for me, but I don’t know about Travis. We know zombies can’t swim, but can they drown? Can they just hold onto the boat and not die?


Check out the rest of the interview over at MTV!