Hey guys, little bit of behind-the-scenes info here. We’ve grown so much in the last year that we’ve decided to add yet another team member here at Skybound to help with the social media side of things. Please say hello to Chris O’Brien! He was born and grew up in Rhode Island and moved to Los Angeles nearly two years ago. Along with his many years of social media experience, Chris is also an actor and a writer. He loves pizza (who doesn’t?), hockey (what is this, Canada?), and of course, The Walking Dead! Chris is absolutely thrilled to join Skybound, or so he says.

For the time being Chris is focused primarily on the Escape (here’s the Twitter, here’s the Facebook) side of things, but he’ll be helping out everywhere else (Skybound Twitter and Facebook, our main Walking Dead Twitter and Facebook, here on the site) as he gets time.

Click on his picture for a bigger version and feel free to judge him based on his shelves, I know I did. GameCube games but no Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour?! Kids these days…