We now have some more insight into Season 5 Episode 19’s “Forget,” which is an ironically memorable episode. It includes traumatic flashbacks, an awkward party, and threats to children! Among these storylines is Rick and Michonne’s security detail, where they discuss their roles in Alexandria.

In this new deleted scene, we catch a glimpse of Rick’s opinion of arming the group behind the community’s back. Although he reluctantly accepts a gun from Carol at the end of the episode, this new clip helps explain his hesitation. In it, Rick says, “These people aren’t ready. I think we should have them, but we’re new. We’ll get there. Right now, it’s their rules and not ours.” Michonne doesn’t seem completely on board with this idea, but he reminds her she still has her sword.

Do you think Rick’s opinion helped inform Michonne later on when she knocks him out after pulling out a gun? Watch the clip and let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.

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