We’re happy to see a photo of Eugene, which probably means we’ll be seeing more of Abraham’s group this episode, and, of course, another great scowl from Michonne.

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What are your predictions for the next episode? Where do you think the storyline with Michonne, Carl and Rick is going? What about Abraham’s group? Let us know!

UPDATES: New photos!

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC 32e7a7a8-203d-2c37-ed05-e2957a1d9871_TWD_411_GP_0927_0098 32d9c268-6b3f-f711-3175-5032d85c5268_TWD_411_GP_0927_0104 6bd00a4a-12b4-748a-5d4e-0ef885bba1c9_TWD_411_GP_0927_0106 88744d73-e5b3-95f6-ad5f-862a9daa4d88_TWD_411_GP_0923_0222