This week the Nielsen rating company reported The Walking Dead reigned supreme as the most talked-about broadcast show on social media. Although Social Content Ratings (SCR) only began recording in September, this still gives a good snapshot how engaged fans like YOU are with the show. Below is a breakdown of the numbers courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Aside from unique mentions, fans also loved tweeting AT the actors. “Approximately 15 percent of users were tweeting Chandler Riggs from ‘The Walking Dad’, who plays Carl Grimes, and 14 percent reached out to the show itself.” Below’s a pie chart showing the major players on show night:

So how did Nielsen gather the data? The Daily Mail reports, “Those working on the project sifted through Facebook and Twitter looking for activity related to televisions shows – both three hours before the program started and three hours after it finished.”

So there you have it, you guys are the driving force behind the biggest show following on social media! For more stats catch the rest of the data over at The Daily Mail!