This week Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero unveiled their highly-anticipated restaurant “Nic & Norman’s” in Senoia, Georgia. Walking Dead fans from all around the country lined up on Tuesday to check out the new eatery (as well as Greg and Norman themselves). Nicotero told PEOPLE magazine, “Norman and I were texting each other back and forth on Tuesday. It’s weird to walk into a place that you didn’t even know was going to exist six months ago.” The two Walking Dead icons threw around the idea of a joint restaurant for years until this January when they decided to make it into a reality.

“We were very excited about the idea of opening something in Senoia,” Nicotero continues. “It’s something to pay tribute to the area where we shoot the show, and have the cast and the crew have a place to call their own.”

However, this is NOT a Walking Dead-themed restaurant. Nic & Norman’s features an eclectic variety of burgers, salads, cocktails, and more that have Greg & Norman’s signature touch (so no tainted leg meat, sorry). Below we’ve compiled some of the best moments leading up to and following the launch of the delicious Nic & Norman’s. Bon appetit!


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Opening Week

Special Guests

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