Walking Dead fans who are experiencing the hiatus blues at least have had SOME reprieve in the form of AMC’s Ride With Norman Reedus. But when the The Walking Dead returns in October it won’t be all motorcycles and smiles. Deadline recently spoke with Norman about his new show, why Walking Dead fans will enjoy it, AND what fans can expect from Season 7:

DEADLINE: So why was Ride how you choose to spend your Walking Dead vacation?

REEDUS: Aw man, you kidding, it was a blast. Joel Stillerman came to me with the idea of the show. I said, “yes, yes, yes” because I didn’t want him to change his mind and do it with someone else. I was super exited because, you know, I probably would have spent some of my vacation doing some of this stuff already.


DEADLINE: To talk about that other thing, no spoilers and I know you are in the middle of filming but what can we expect from Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

REEDUS: It’s a brand new world right now, man. We have big bad guy and that opens up our world quite a bit and changes everything. I mean, you see a shift of power completely on our show. And you see a lot of people who’ve gone through a whole lot, having to bite their tongue for a minute and deal with this new world and this new villain. If you know the comic books, it opens up even larger than that.


DEADLINE: What do you think TWD fans will get out watching Ride?

REEDUS: Look, I’m a big fan of shows that are similar to this. I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his shows. I liked the stuff Ewen McGregor did and David Beckham did, where they traveled around on motorcycles.

I can’t cook like but I love watching Anthony Bourdain going around eating food and talking about it. I like meeting people and learning about different cultures. It’s not just foodies who like his shows. So it’s nice to sit back and be entertained and at the same time, learn new things and that’s what we tried to do with Ride.


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