Hey gang! After a couple weeks off we’re back with some more off-topic goodness for you. Ironically, we had a bit TOO much going on at Skybound to actually talk about Skybound. In fact, it’s only piling up more so let’s make this short!

OUTCAST premiered on Cinemax last Friday! Thanks to their generosity (and Fox International) it’s been available for even longer than that online. Hopefully you’ve watched it, since we’ve been yapping about it constantly (we’re just THAT proud of it). It’s honestly some of the nicest, most positive feedback we’ve received from our fans, so THANK YOU.

BIRTHRIGHT #16 is in stores TODAY! This story continues to impress me and the artwork is jaw-dropping. Josh and Andrei are an awesome team. In this issue they have one of the coolest 2-page spreads I’ve seen in a while. They’ve crammed it with little nods to all of the stories that inspire BIRTHRIGHT, from Goonies to Clash of the Titans to Indiana Jones.


I’ve been sending to my friends to see how many references they can spot. I’m in love with it.

The digital version of SUPERFIGHT is now in closed beta! We gave out a BUNCH of steam codes for it from the Skybound site. I believe we’ll be offering MORE invites before the late July release and if you want more info or want a shot at an invite, sign up on the SuperfightLive site.

And lastly, OXENFREE, a really awesome, really interesting adventure/narrative game we helped Nightschool Studios release is now out on PS4! They didn’t want to just do a straight port though. Nightschool actually took the game and made some very, very cool tweaks to the narrative which changes the whole experience for people that have played through before. This was pushed out as an update for XBox and PC as well.

That is all for this week! We’re not getting a ton of responses in the comments, but we’ll keep posting these to let you guys know what’s going on around here. We would be tickled if you would post a comment. We’ll give a digital copy of Oxenfree for PS4 to one of you! This week’s topic (but feel free to go off-topic, of course): what’s your favorite video game of all time and why?!