Until recently our Facebook presence had been relegated to our official Skybound page and a really well-run fan site of the comic. Looking to capture more broad Walking Dead information we decided to launch our own official Walking Dead fan page, covering the comic, the show, the novels, the games, the toys, whatever. The idea being that you can stay in the loop with the medium of your choice, be it this site, Twitter, or Facebook.

Go check it out!

When we hit 5K likes, we’ll be giving away* a Robert Kirkman-signed softcover or hardcover volume—winner’s choice to fit with their collection. And then 10k, 50k, etc, so tell your friends! The giveaways will get bigger as we go.

*Winner will be picked from the first 5,000 fans and will be the person closest alphabetically to a last name of a person I’ve already chosen. How’s that for scientific? Is it my friend Steve Aardvark? My old co-worker Davey Mxyzptlk? Who knows? (Well I do, I know.)