Welcome to the Official Walking Dead Site from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment!

This is it! Our official first day, and what better time to start than with the launch of the second half of season 3 of The Walking Dead on AMC?

First things first, we have an interview with Robert about this site and what’s going on in the Walking Dead universe. The short of it is, we thought it was about time to launch an official Walking Dead site to cover the comic, the games, the show, events, everything. We’ll be bringing you news, recaps, photo galleries, original art, contests, giveaways, interviews, character bios, and a ton of other stuff. But most importantly: what do YOU want to see? We want this site to be a community. Post in the comments below what you’d like to see here and if we can do it, we will.

We’re still building the site out, so if you see something missing, don’t panic. It’ll probably be filled in soon. See any bugs or have any problems? Shoot me an email at web@skybound.com and let me know.


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