MAJOR SPOILERS follow, obviously.

Our Twitter stream goes bananas while The Walking Dead airs. I keep Tweetdeck open to monitor and generally it scrolls too fast to read in real-time. Well, something wonderful happened on Sunday. Right as Rick’s group entered the hallway for the hostage exchange, the rapid-fire tweets stopped. Like dead cold. Our Twitter stream did not move. And then—BOOM—Dawn’s gun goes off and Twitter exploded. It was amazing to watch.

But not as amazing as seeing all the awesome reaction videos on Youtube. We love that people care enough about the show to not only watch it every week, but record themselves watching it. And we think this deserves some recognition, dammit! So let’s check out our favorites!

The F Bomb Award

Everything sounds better in a British accent but especially swearing. walking00dead‘s curse-laden reaction probably most closely resembles our Twitter stream right after.

The “Are You… Not Watchin’?” Award

I swear I have this exact exchange with my girlfriend every time I watch something. Questions upon questions until I’m just like, “Are we not watching the same thing?” Also, the way he can’t take his eyes off the screen while he answers her. It just cracks me up. Ronny has a dope ass throw blanket and drinks a 40 of Colt 45 while watching, so he’s A-Ok in our book. Sub to his channel, Make A Path Presents.

The Bleeding Heart Award

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If so, Officer Friendly has big, giant, 20′ high bay windows. We just want to hug her.

The Most Shocked Award

I have never been this shocked or surprised in my entire life. SpacePip also wins the “Looks Most Like a Found Footage Horror Movie Award.”

Achievement in Seat Dancing

I’m not sure why SVdaPop turns into Neo dodging bullets but we all deal with our grief differently.

What other reaction vids have you guys seen that you love? Post ’em in the comments below! And again, a huge thanks to all of the viewers and fans that take the time and effort to make these videos!

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