It’s almost time for the mid-season premiere of TWD! Episode 409, “After” airs this Sunday and we thought it would be fun to check in with some of our friends in the entertainment biz to see what they think might happen!

Doug Benson (Comedian, “Doug Loves Movies,” “The Doug Benson Movie Interruption,” “Getting Doug with High“)
Part of what I love about The Walking Dead is how unpredictable it is. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the new season. Maybe a walker version of the Governor will show up, or maybe Hershel’s head will make some trouble or dispense some wisdom, and I have a pretty good feeling we’ll see Carol again. But the one thing I predict will happen for sure: We’ll get to hear Sheriff Rick yell. “Carl?!” I can’t wait.

Chris Jericho (Wrestler, Singer, Podcaster, “Talk Is Jericho“)
Rick and Carl wander the wilderness until they are surrounded by a herd. Facing certain death, they are rescued by a returning Carol. Also we find out the fate of Judith…zombie baby…and another regular character (with the initial of M) gets injured by a zombie attack.

Paget Brewster (Actress, “Criminal Minds,” “Dan Vs.,” “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 and 2”)
“After ousting Rick’s crew from the prison, The Governor begins the chase to capture the females and, ultimately, breed his new family with them. Also, EP Greg Nicotero’s severed head from 1985’s “Day Of The Dead” will play a prominent role in a flashback to an as-yet-untold, and disturbing, history.”

Matt Besser (Actor, Comedian, “improv4humans,”
I predict in the new season of Walking Dead they will eventually run out of zombies to kill so the stories will mostly be agrarian in nature about farming in the prison yard.

Greg Miller (Host, IGN’s “Up At Noon,” “The GameOverGreggy Show“)
Sunday night, Carl becomes a man. He’s been straddling that line for a while, but this will be the episode where he truly crosses over. Rick’s leaning on him. Rick needs him. Rick is the weak one. Carl will step up. I’m sure Rick’ll try to baby him at some point, but grown-ass Carl ain’t going to take that lying down.
In other predictions: Beth dies this season, and Carol’s going to come back hard. Don’t forget about Carol.

Brooke Lewis (Actress, “Lazarus”)
Since Hershel just died, this Sunday’s premiere will be his “memorial” episode! I think we will see a lot of devastation, which will move us to the next location considering the prison is now compromised! Then, we will be introduced to a new villain. This is “zombie-licious” and I cannot wait!

Fred Armisen (Actor, “Portlandia,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “SNL”)
I really hope that they can all find peace, now that the Governor is no longer a threat.

What are YOUR predictions for Episode 409?!