It has been a few weeks since SDCC, but we’re already getting ready for 2015! We had a blast this year, and as we plan for next year, we’re wondering which TWD exclusives you were most excited for. Vote below and let us know:

Best Merchandise from SDCC 2014
What SDCC exclusive was the best this year?

Remember, your vote is telling us what you want to see more of at future cons! Leave comments and let us know what you want to see! The more passionate you are, the better chance we have of doing something like it again…

And who knows, maybe our favorite comment below will win one of their favorite exclusives… since we will conveniently know what it is! BOOM!

UPDATE: And the winner is… UTMahoo, whose detailed explanation about what makes subtle merchandise (like Ezekiel’s button down shirt) awesome was ON POINT! Congrats!