MTV Geek put together an article highlighting key points from Image’s recent press conference about All Out War and the 10th Anniversary of TWD. R. Kirks (as I fondly call him not to his face) touches on plenty of interesting topics, including his thoughts on killing characters and where All Out War fits in his overall story plans for TWD.

There’s a lot of good stuff, and here’s a little excerpt about what characters will be featured in the upcoming 12 issue arc:

“…there’s gonna be a lot done w/ Holly, with Heath, with Maggie (who hasn’t really been in the book that much since issue #100, as she was off on the Hilltop community). There will still be lots of Jesus, Ezekial, and Rick, but I’m also trying to bring out some of the side characters.”

Can’t argue with that, though we always want more Jesus.

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