IGN sat down with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and talked about the role of the comics will playing in Season 5, , and a potential title for the Spin-off…

From the article:

“The second half of Season 4 featured several character-focused episodes, foregoing the usual ensemble storytelling. While Kirkman said that the group will be getting back together in Season 5, he feels that taking the time to shed light on the characters is essential.

“It’s what we’ve been doing with The Walking Dead comic from day one. You’ve made people love and know and identify with these characters — and then you kill them,” Kirkman said, only half joking. “Those deaths don’t matter if you’re not invested in the characters.”

With the group getting back together, Kirkman teased that things will get “a little more action packed for a while.” Given the explosive Season 5 premiere, he wasn’t kidding.

As seen in the first four episodes of Season 5, Rick and company have butted heads with a group of cannibals, better known as the Hunters in the comics. According to Kirkman, the comics are being followed very closely this time around.

“Season 5 is, more than any other season, following the comics very closely,” Kirkman said. “There’s more comic book moments being adapted than there have been in any previous season, so there’s a lot of cool stuff for the comic fans coming up and a lot of stuff they will recognize, but of course we’ll be doing some stuff in different ways. . . There are a lot of cool key moments that come directly from the comics.””

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