AMC posted their recent interview with Robert about what episodes he’s scripting on AMC this season, if he’d ever direct an episode, and his favorite moments from Season 3.

Q: Which episodes are you writing this season?

A: I’ve written Episode 3… I’m also writing Episode 9. Episode 9 will probably be the episode that’s closest to a direct adaptation from the comic book aside from the premiere episode. It’s been a lot of fun for me working on them because I’m basically just rewriting something I’ve already written, which means I get to go back in and go, “Woah, what’d you do there? Let’s fix that.”

Q: How has working on the show affected the way you write the comic, if at all?

A: One of my hugest efforts in this entire ordeal is to make sure that the show doesn’t change how I do the comic… I want to keep the comic pure. I don’t want anybody to say, “Oh, well the comic was really good and then the show came along, and then the comic got different,” because I want to maintain that consistency. But I will say that working in the writers’ room with all the other writers and working on the show as long as I have, I feel like I’m maybe a little bit better of a writer, I hope… I’m having a lot of very cool and interesting experiences on the show… and I feel like I’m able to put that to work in the comic that makes it better than it ever would have been otherwise.

Q: How would you compare Season 3 to Season 4? How are they going to be different?

A: I can argue that this season has a higher level of optimism than the show has had thus far, so that gives me something to look forward to. And also I’ll say that when you get to Season 4 on a show, especially a show like The Walking Dead, you realize that you’ve been around for a while and people may start to think, “I’ve got this show figured out. I know how they do things on this show.” And a tremendous amount of effort has been put towards keeping the audience guessing and doing newer and more interesting things and changing what The Walking Dead is, in a way that’s very true to everything that people love about The Walking Dead but that brings in a lot of very cool new and unexpected elements.

Q: What was your favorite moment from Season 3?

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