Remember The Fallen by Joe and Brad! Congratulations guys!

Even more impressive was the fact both Joe Kinglake and Bradley Smith put this together in a 48 hour period. You can read more about them here.

CLICK HERE to play Remember the Fallen!

The game was inspired by imagery from the atomic attacks of 1945 and Chaplin’s famous speech in The Great Dictator. It’s an emotional experience in first person, centered around the horrors of an all out war.

Robert called it, “A fantastic environment with a bit of emotional time killing.”

You can also check out the other Game Jam winners and Honorable mentions at this link, where some of the teams will be uploading improvements and updates to their games weekly, through January.

CLICK HERE to check out all the games!

That’s a wrap for the Game Jam. We’ve had a great time running it and may make this a yearly thing. This would not have been possible without the following people:

  • All of the 140 passionate hard-working Jam teams.
  • Rupert from Eurogamer Expo.
  • Joe and Kevin from Unity Technologies.
  • Chet from Valve Software.
  • Tom and Jeffery from Eurogamer.
  • Byron, Jeffrey, Jaz, Tadhg and Brady for their efforts in judging.
  • Byron for consulting logistical aspects of the Jam.
  • And finally, Brian, Lizzy, Robert, Shawn, Sean, Helen, DA and all at Skybound for their continuous efforts and support.