Boy, was it a busy week last week. Between running our SDCC booth, organizing signings, hosting panels, putting on the Escape and more, we sure are glad to be back in the office. And maybe a little sad. But just a little.

If you were inundated with SDCC coverage last week, never fear, we’ve laid it all out here. Get ready for some exclamation marks:

**AMC released EPIC new promo art featuring the cast trapped in the box car and chained together!

**We’ve been doing super secret SDCC exclusive sales in our online store! Right now you can find our Skybound Mini Vinyl Figures and Ezekiel Action Figures up for a limited time.

**Steve Zaragoza took us on a tour de Skybound booth!

**We posted Skybound’s full The Walking Dead Panel with Sean Mackiewicz, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard!

**An ALL NEW SEASON 5 TRAILER dropped at the AMC panel!

**Speaking of the AMC panel, check out some highlight videos: Norman Reedus discusses his similarities to Daryl, the cast talks about the evolutions of their characters, and Robert Kirkman delves into the dark mindset needed to write TWD…

**We premiered THE FIRST TRAILER FOR AIR, executive produced by Robert and starring Norman Reedus!

**We posted the full Skybound Entertainment panel, featuring Telltale, Superfight, AIR and more! Moderated by the amazing and hilarious Greg Miller!

**On Sunday, Skybound had our full comics panel, featuring tons of creators! Later that day Josh Williamson signed tons of BIRTHRIGHT posters… coming soon to a comic shop near you!